Have you ever stood in the toothpaste aisle looking at brand after brand, not knowing which one is right for you? There are so many toothpaste variations that it can be a more difficult shopping task than anticipated. At Dr. Molly and Dr. Carly DMD we want to make your oral health care a breeze, so we put together this guide to help you buy the right toothpaste.

Look for the ADA seal of approval.



A general rule of thumb from your general dentist: look for the ADA approval. This seal means that the product has been tested for safety and effectiveness by an independent review board of scientific experts.


Choose what’s best for your smile.

Buying the right toothpaste comes down to the needs of your smile and oral healthcare. If you have weak enamel or sensitive gums, buy a toothpaste specifically for sensitive teeth. If you have a lot of plaque build-up try a tartar control toothpaste. Lastly, be careful when buying teeth-whitening toothpastes. These kinds of toothpastes often times have abrasive peroxide and can wear away at your enamel.

Toothpaste for kids.

Buying toothpaste for you kids will depend a lot on their preference. You want to get something effective but also a kind that they will actually use. For infants or small children who have trouble spitting, be sure to use toothpaste with no fluoride. Swallowing too much fluoride can cause an upset stomach. As Eugene’s trusted family dentist, we deal a lot with kids and have found that most prefer fruit flavored toothpastes. Colgate has a great selection of kids toothpastes as well as Tom’s.

Natural toothpaste.

If you live a more natural lifestyle and are concerned with chemicals in your toothpaste, than a natural brand might be the choice for you. These toothpastes are typically made with baking soda and contain little to no chemicals. Like any natural product, you’ll want to do a little research on the brand. Tom’s has a great selection of natural toothpastes and has the ADA seal.



If you are still unsure what kind of toothpaste is best suited for you oral health care needs, just ask your general dentist the next time you go in for a teeth cleaning. At Dr. Molly and Dr. Carly DMD we are happy to recommend a brand that is best suited for your smile. If we aren’t already your Eugene general dentist, call us today!

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