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Molly Vendetti, DMD is a family and cosmetic dentist with a special interest in using the latest dental technology to provide optimal and customized care. Her commitment is evident in the many weeks she commits each year to ongoing training to stay current on the advancements in the field and the investment made in a state-of-the-art and patient-centered facility. “Dentistry is part science and part art,” she says. “It is the art form I am most passionate about as a professional, but the science and technology is what ultimately makes that all possible.”

Dr. Molly was born in Pasadena, CA, and grew up in Corvallis, OR. She attended Oregon Health Sciences University’s Dental School, graduating with high honors in 1996. She was immediately recruited to Eugene to join a group practice, and in 2001 took over the practice of Dr. Richard Meltebeke. In 2009, she built her new office as a partner in The Ten Coburg, a collaborative effort of four healthcare practices to create a distinctive medical office building to meet their diverse needs and the needs of their patients.

“The creativity of my work is my passion,” says Dr. Molly, “but I was initially drawn to dentistry because of a desire to develop real, long-term relationships with my patients. Honestly, you don’t get the opportunity to do that in many fields of medicine. It’s very rewarding to me that I get to know each patient individually, know and treat their entire family, and provide highly personal patient care. That’s my personality, so I’m lucky and thankful to be able to translate that into my work every day.”

When not at work, Dr. Molly is usually on the go playing “busy mom” to sons Cole and Alec, but in her spare time she loves to travel and lose herself for hours in museums. Her husband, Devon, documents their travels with his award-winning photography. Many of those beautiful and inspiring images from Europe and Asia adorn the walls of her office for patients to enjoy.

Molly Vendetti


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