Some articles have recently come to light claiming that flossing may not be necessary. Despite these recent speculations, flossing is still extremely important to maintaining a healthy mouth and a healthy you. Here are a few reminders of why you should floss everyday.


Lack of evidence doesn’t mean lack of effectiveness.

In order for the Department of Health and Human Services to recommend something, the law requires strong research-based evidence, which can be very expensive. This can explain the lack of research behind flossing. Not to mention the  lack of demand and lack of participants. Since this report came out, I’m sure we can expect to see that change!

Your mouth in connected to the rest of your health.

It’s true. A common misconception about oral health is the strong connection to your overall health. Proper dental care greatly decreases your risk of mouth diseases and is linked to a healthier well-being. An untreated mouth disease can result in pain, nutrition problems and even death. Taking care of your teeth is important which is why it’s essential to floss to help prevent plaque and bacteria from causing an infection.


Studies do prove flossing works.

Although these reports say that no supporting studies have been done, there in fact have been multiple studies that look at the benefits of flossing. Back in 2006 a study showed that children who were flossed by a dental professional every day for 1.7 years experienced a 40% decrease in tooth decay.

Similarly, a twin study done by NYU in 2008 showed that twins who did not floss experienced an “overabundant” amount of periodontal pathogens and decay-causing bacteria. The study concluded that flossing can significantly reduce periodontal disease and cavities.


Dentists recommend flossing for a reason.

The great thing about flossing is that it reaches areas that toothbrushes cannot. Cleaning between your teeth removes food and plaque that could cause gum disease, gingivitis and tooth decay. This is one of the many reasons dentists recommend flossing regularly. They are here to help you, not deceive you!


So, why is it that only a third of Americans say they floss everyday? To us, the benefits are pretty clear! For more tips on proper flossing, visit this link or ask us at your next dentist appointment.

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