Food choices play an important role in tooth decay and gum disease. A nutritious diet is essential to healthy living and especially to the health of your teeth and gums. Some of the earliest signs of poor nutrition show up at a dentist appointment. Since your mouth is the first point of contact with foods, it’s important to choose wisely. Here are some of the best foods for your teeth to consider incorporating in your diet.


best-foods-for-teeth-apples1. Crunchy Fruits and Vegetables

Apples, carrots and celery are among the best fruits and vegetables for your teeth. All of these foods have a lot of fiber and water, which is great for your teeth. While apples may be sweet, when you chew on one it produces a lot of saliva, which rinses away harmful acids and food particles. In fact, apples are commonly known as nature’s natural toothbrush. Chewing on an apple may not be as good as a teeth cleaning from your dentist, but it’s a great temporary fix until you have a chance to brush.


2. Cheese and Dairy

Cheese is high in calcium, which plays an important role to keeping your teeth healthy. Since teeth are made up of mostly calcium, when you don’t have enough in your diet you have a higher chance of tooth decay. Studies also show that cheese and other dairy products may help fight against cavities. If you’re a vegan and therefore don’t eat dairy as part of your diet, try other calcium-rich foods like broccoli or leafy greens.



3. Leafy Greens

The superfood of all diets! It may not come to a surprise that leafy greens make the list because they are high in calcium and other essential nutrients like folic acid. Folic acid is known to promote healthy gums and reduce inflammation. If you have trouble incorporating leafy greens into your diet, try adding them into a smoothie or mixed in with other vegetables in a stir-fry.



4. Almonds and Other Nuts

Nuts are great for your teeth because they are high in protein and low in sugar. They are also high in calcium, which as you know by now is great for your teeth. However, we recommend eating sliced almonds as opposed to whole ones as they can sometimes be hard on your teeth for chewing.


For your next afternoon snack, skip the chips and grab an apple or some almonds! It’s also important to stay hydrated as water helps rinse away bacteria and food particles. For more oral health care tips from your favorite Eugene dentist, ask us at your next appointment! Our staff is happy to provide patients with the tools they need for a positive oral health care regime. Dr. Molly Vendetti and Dr. Carly Peterschmidt have a lot of experience in general and cosmetic dentistry here in Eugene, OR and know a lot about diet and daily habits that can improve your oral health.

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