How to Keep Your Family’s Teeth Healthy Over The Holidays

It’s that time of year when visions of dessert, sugar cookies and candy canes are likely dancing around in the heads of your children. Despite their consumption of sugar, there are still many ways to minimize damage to their oral health and keep your kids in a healthy routine. Here are our tips to keeping your family’s teeth healthy over the holidays.

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The Benefits of Having Dogs in Medical Settings


You may have noticed that there’s a new face in our office. She’s calm, friendly, soft as can be, and she’s our secret weapon to helping our patients feel at ease. She’s Josie! And she’s a dog.

People have been using dogs in medical settings for more than 150 years. So when we recently decided to bring Dr. Molly’s dog Josie into the office we thought, why didn’t we do this sooner? The feedback from our patients who have interacted with Josie has been tremendous, so we wanted to share with you all of the benefits of having a dog in a medical setting.

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